Construction Materials – What We Use

During construction, we use innovative systems that ensure the sustainability and energy efficiency of our buildings. Using innovative approaches, we plan the environment so that each square meter is efficiently distributed and tailored to the needs and desires of the customer. Construction is carried out in accordance with the New Building and Construction Standards. The construction is characterized with voided slabs. Fire-fighting systems are provided. The house is 100% energy efficient. The building is adapted for people with disabilities.
“Grande Group” uses only high-quality certified construction materials.
Our partners are: “Heidelberg” – concrete and cement. “Krivoy-Rog” – Ukrainian Reinforcement. “Doka” – the highest quality of molding materials. “Alutech Georgia” – system of the highest quality energy-efficient aluminum. “Citadel” – various building materials. Delivery of apartments: “Green frame” with central iron entrance door.
Partition walls built according to the construction plan or the desire of the resident. The walls daubed, except for the sanitary units. Energy-efficient aluminum picture windows and doors with energy-efficient glass – packages. Main electrical wiring in the house completed. Central water and sewer pipes and heating pipes installed in accordance with the standard plan. Natural gas introduced in the building. (2 units). Balcony with ceramic granite flooring. Cupboards with special ventilation system for outer block of central heating boiler and air-conditioner on balconies. TV, internet and “Damafon” cables installed in the apartments. Smart House – The Condition of Delivery. Three-level indoor parking area with 3-meter high ceiling.

Labor Policy and Occupational Safety Policy

Part of the Health and Safety Policy is Occupational Hygiene and compliance strategies. The main requirement of the Occupational Hygiene and Safety Policy promotes that every employed man and woman should be provided with the means to receive a decent and productive job in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity. We are constantly committed to improving our labor conditions; protecting the labor rights of our employees; improving sanitary-hygienic conditions and providing the trainings necessary for the employees. The “Grande Group” is responsible for: continuously improving the safety of the occupational safety and hygiene system efficiency; ensuring occupational safety and the quality of work done by employees; maintaining qualified staff; ensuring qualifying and training our staff; improving the infrastructure; creating an appropriate work environment for management team and other employees to increase their productivity; ensuring that our staff is motivated; using innovative and high-quality technologies / resources to have more efficient outcomes; complying with current legislation and international standards; conducting periodic inspections of the quality of the supplier and the resources supplied.

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